“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know”

Diane Arbus

From my apprenticeship until now, I have over 30 years photographic experience. Broadly speaking I divide my work between commercial and personal categories, each have their own rhyme and reason to which I bring my own special aesthetic sensibility. By extension I bring my artistry and professionalism to whatever photographic project that you wish to undertake.

Corporate photography
Corporate photography is a means by which companies communicate their personality, professionalism and unique selling proposition (USB) to customers. I interpret the needs of the company and then properly communicate their brand identity by drawing on my extensive professional knowledge using a wide variety of shooting and development techniques at my disposal.

Do you want to sell, rent or let your home, office or farm? I am a property photographer. Let me photograph your property to the highest professional standards that show it off to the best possible advantage. The quality of my images will suit all forms of advertising media, be they on-line, print or brochure formats.

Let me record your manufactured product or craft item in the best possible light. Using products photography I will discover the most important aspects of your product’s personality and translate them into captivating imagery that will induce your customers to purchase. Whatever product category you sell be it chocolates, steel fittings, or mattresses, I can record and present your items in the most appealing way to your public or private client base.

I am fully competent to fly and take any drone photography or video recording that you require. Flying in accordance with all necessary regulation, I will be able to create stunning images and videos, perfectly able to describe the place, situation or event that you wish to record.

Allow me to capture the complete “you” in a variety of moods and poses. We can collaborate over a whole day capturing you in a range of portraits or participate in a classic photoshoot over a shorter time frame.

Are you an aspiring model or actor? I can create a unique portfolio of you that will demonstrate to casting directors, agencies or talent scouts the versatility of your looks, and the breath of emotions that you are able to convey.

This most special of days demands a photographic record to the highest professional standards possible. I believe that a wedding photographer must form a special bond with his Bride & Groom in order to properly capture what is, one life’s most treasured days. Allow me to discreetly photograph your wedding day preparations, arrival at the Church or Registry Office, the solemnity of the ceremony itself then afterwards the celebrations!

Special Birthday / Anniversary
Do you wish to record a special day in your life? Let me help. All of the care and attention that I already bring to my Christening, Wedding & Portrait works will again be in evidence as I record your event.

Whether you are having a religious christening or secular naming ceremony, allow me to relieve you of the hassle of composing and arranging those all-important group family portraits leaving you free to enjoy introducing your bundle of joy to the world. I can document the baptism or naming of your child discreetly with minimum fuss or distraction from the main focus of your ceremony.

Finishing secondary school is an important right of passage. Let me document your special night with a wonderful set of photographs that capture all the emotions and joy of your amazing evening. 

Another special occasion marking the transition into proper adulthood. I specialize in twenty-first photo shoots. Whether you are celebrating with a meal out in a restaurant or having a full party in a function room I will be there to capture your special moments be they individual portraits or happy group photos.