“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Giulio is a marketing consultant who can help you with multiple aspects of marketing. The best results are obtained when a clear and complete strategy is implemented and involves all aspects of online communication.

Web usability | User experience | User interface design
Web usability is the ease of use of a website. It includes presenting content in a clear and concise way, without ambiguity, and ensuring visibility of the most important items and making content transferable between devices and browsers.

Web design
The design of a stylish website that is jargon free, and easy to use and maintain by you or your staff. Good website design does not require constant technical support, and it is my aim to provide this to you.

Search engine optimisation
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring your website appears at the top of results on search engines without paid advertising.

Online advertising
Advertising is a crucial aspect of every business. Giulio can help maximise your budget. Useful when you want to reach a specific target or a specific area.

Printed literature
Even in this digital age, print media remains an important part of any brand identity and a vital interface with the public. Giulio will manage the whole process, from creation and design to printing of all your literature. From marketing leaflets to promotional brochures, we can provide the perfect design, layout, paper quality and size to suit your requirements.

Social Media Management
From Instagram to Facebook, Youtube to Twitter, having a strong social media presence is vital. Giulio can design and implement an up to date social media management strategy to achieve this for you.

Content creation
Giulio can create and provide content via text, image, audio and video, for your digital platforms. This can be done on a one off or ongoing basis, whatever is appropriate to your needs.