Audiovisual design and videography

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”

Ansel Adams

Project: The McNutt Experience Theatre. McNutt of Donegal, Ireland

McNutt of Donegal is a premier textile creation and manufacturing business in Donegal, Ireland. Visitors to the store and production facilities would often ask for tours and/or to view and learn about the process of textile creation and manufacture, as well as the history of the company. Giulio noticed this need and developed a unique solution. On finding a disused space in the company building, he had the idea to transform this space into a custom-built cinema/theatre space on-site, and to create a bespoke high-quality short film to be showcased in this theatre space. 

Giulio went on to bring this idea to fruition, designing and implementing the new theatre space in its entirety, from the colour of walls to the lighting, from the fabric artwork pieces on the walls which doubled to focus the acoustics of the film, to the audiovisual components and the film itself. The film featured ‘behind the scenes’ visuals of the businesses manufacturing processes, as well as the heritage, passion, creativity, and history of the company – bringing people into the process.

Not only this, but Giulio creatively designed the audio components to achieve commercial cinema type audiovisual quality in a showroom space and affordable way, further immersing customers in the experience. Strategically placed samples of important fabrics graced the walls, hung as artworks & allowing people to view, appreciate and feel the beauty, creation and details of the fabrics, as well as learning of the stories behind their creation. He was able to achieve a goal and fulfil a need expressed by its customers, but also encouraging interaction between customers and the company, thereby building their brand and business in such a creative and innovate way.


Giulio is an expert storyteller and he can capture any event. Take a look at some samples of Giulio’s work below.